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"In March 2005 I was involved in a serious helicopter accident west of Phoenix. The helicopter was completely destroyed, and I was very lucky not to have been killed or more seriously injured.

"After a trip to the emergency room and several visits to my family physician, I was still unable to walk and move about without considerable pain and discomfort. My physician referred me to Dr. Ed Weathersby. He placed me on a rehab schedule that included weekly adjustments and exercise.

"Within two weeks, I was feeling much better! And with each and every visit I gained more mobility, now to the point of almost being back to where I was before the crash.

"As a police officer, it is extremely important for me to be 100% physically fit; my life depends on it. I have the fine doctor and staff at the Arizona Center for Family and Wellness Care to thank for putting me back on track.

"Dr. Ed Weathersby is friendly, compassionate and very professional. It is evident their top priority is my health and well-being. I am honored to refer them to anyone who needs chiropractic care."

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"Back in 1995 I made my first appointment with Dr. Weathersby with some hesitation because of the myth I've always heard, 'Once you to go a chiropractor you always have to go back.'

"I have a physical job working on the ramp at Sky Harbor Airport, loading luggage on and off the airplanes. The right side of my neck was so tight from lifting, it was causing sensitivity on the right side of my head. Wind blowing through my hair drove me crazy. Dr. Weathersby did X-rays and an exam. Within about two months of treatment it all went away.

I was totally convinced how chiropractors help keep my body all in line. I now come once a month for an adjustment. I figure it's like I have to take care of my car with tune-ups and oil changes. Why wouldn't I take care of my body? It's preventive maintenance. So, ten years later, I find the myth busted. It's not the chiropractor that makes you keep going back. It's because of how they make your body feel that you keep going back."



"There are many reasons why I enjoy coming to the Arizona Center for Family and Wellness Care for treatment. Everyone is caring, pleasant, and very professional. I'm always greeted with a smile. The waiting time is minimal (great scheduling!). If I do have to wait, they apologize and assure me that they haven't forgotten me.

"The doctors and staff listen to me when I have a problem and address the situation immediately. The medical plans are explained to me so that I know exactly what will be done, and that takes away any anxiety I might have about the treatments.

"I really enjoy spending time with the doctors. The treatment is thorough, and the doctors are very attentive to my medical needs. They also have great personalities, and I usually leave with a smile from the conversation and feeling better from the treatment.

"The therapies are also great. I feel that the doctors and staff treat many different facets of my pain.

"This staff is very special. From the moment I arrive until the moment I leave, I feel that I have had very good care and treatment. I also get lots of TLC, and everyone makes a difference. I feel much better after my treatments.

"Eliminating the pain keeps me coming back!"


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